Family Ministries

The Family Ministries Department is an auxiliary arm of the SDA church that plans, promotes, trains and coordinates all family life activities of the church. This department is represented at all levels of the church, from the General Conference through to the local church. The Department recognizes the significance of family in the lives of believers and nonbelievers, and therefore, seeks to strengthen the home as a disciplemaking centre where family members through their interpersonal relationships are encouraged in their relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.


What is the FM Department About?

Recognising the many challenges families encounter today, the FM department endeavours to accomplish the following objectives:


  1. To affirm and strengthen every Seventh-day Adventist as a primary disciplining unit.
  2. To conduct training seminars and workshops for the Family Ministries Leaders at the local churches.
  3. To proclaim the reviving and restorative message of the everlasting gospel within the context of the family.
  4. To plan for and promote Conference-wide Family Life events.
  5. Conduct programs for districts and churches on the various areas of family life.
  6. To establish a network of Family Ministries leaders in each parish of the constituency.


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Roy Dennis

Director of Family Ministries
(876) 527-4584

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Maxine Campbell

Administrative Professional
(876) 527-4534