To have every member transformed and anchored in the Body of Christ, in readiness for His imminent return.



To proclaim the Everlasting Gospel by impacting communities and preparing people for Christ’s soon return.


Our Values

Collaboration – Working together to achieve desired outcomes

Equity – Ensuring fairness and impartiality in every aspect of life and service

Excellence – Going beyond the ordinary

Fidelity – The quality of being faithful and loyal

Forgiveness – Redeem and restore

Godliness – Aspiring to be like God in our thoughts, conduct and service

Humility – Giving up self for the good of others

Integrity – Doing the right thing even when no one is watching

Love – Out of a relationship with God, we demonstrate compassion for the well-being of all

Punctuality – Respect for time/Good stewards of time

Respect – High esteem and regard for all humans

Transparency – Practicing openness in personal and professional relationships and in the execution of our duties

Unity - A state of togetherness marked by genuine love, fellowship, and care for one another


Strategic Imperatives



1. Spiritual Growth and Christian Conduct

2. Humanitarian Service and Development

3. Health and Family Wellness

4. Education/Training, Communication and Empowerment

5. Evangelism, Discipleship and Conservation

6. Prayer, Unity and Stewardship


Strategic Imperatives 2022 2026 Strategic Imperatives 2022 2026

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Featured Video

The Good News Gospel Campaign & Community Empowerment Programme Promotion

The Seventh-day Adventist Church Central Jamaica Conference cordially invites you to join us for the “Countdown to the End” Evangelistic Series. This evangelistic series, hosted by the Central Jamaica Conference in association with the Seventh-day Adventist Churches Christiana and Spalding, will begin Sabbath, April 20 to Sabbath, May 18, 2024, with dynamic evangelist Pastor Robert Williams, Assistant to the President for Evangelism, CJC