The President’s Responsibilities:

Serves the general interest of Central Jamaica Conference as the Executive Committee shall determine Adheres to the policies of the Jamaica Union, Inter-American Division, and the General Conference Works in harmony with Jamaica Union and in close counsel with Union Officers Supervises the operations of Central Jamaica Conference Approves vacation leave for Administrators, Directors, and Pastors Supervise the Pastoral Staff Speaks publicly on behalf of the Constituency on issues of national importance.


For evangelism in the Conference.

In consultation with other administrators and the pastoral staff evangelistic goals are set, then voted by the Conference Executive Committee, and supervised by him. Take a special interest in fostering the evangelistic work of the Conference doing all to encourage soul- winning endeavor on the part of all workers . He is chairman of: Evangelism Committee Development Committee Executive Committee Finance Committee Education Board Publishing Board H. S. Walters Health & Outreach Centre Board Willowdene Group of Schools Board Departmental Council


He is a member of:

  • Northern Caribbean University Board
  • Jamaica Union Executive Committee
  • Andrews Memorial Hospital Board
  • ADRA Board
  • NCU Media Board



Photo of Nevail Barrett

Nevail Barrett

(876) 527-4608
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Liseth Martin

Administrative Professional
(876) 357-4845
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Michca-Mae Bonner

I.T. Specialist
(876) 863-3802



President's Mid-Year Report 2023