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Top 10 Most Impactful Moments of 2018 in CJC

Published: 09-01-2019 |

As we reflect on God’s leading in 2018, we invite you to journey with us, as we recount (what we believe) are the 10 of the Most impactful moments for mission in Central Jamaica Conference in 2018.

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Year in Review | Credits: Pixabay.com

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  1. Growth in Financial Contributions in Tithes, Offerings and WHEEL. The Lord has blessed us with over 13% increase in tithes and over 9% increase in offerings. We have also seen extraordinary contributions to the WHEEL programme.
  2. Net 2018. Central Jamaica Conference’s Online Evangelistic Series was streamed live on the World Wide Web and Social Media for 3 weeks. Over 15,000 persons tuned in to the programme and 65 persons were baptized as a result.
  3. Passing of Mrs. Beverley Harris. The CJC family was once again plunged into mourning over the passing of Willowdene Group of Schools’ former Vice Principal, Mrs. Beverley Harris.
  4. 5th Quadrennial Session. During the 5th Quadrennial Session of CJC in 2018, the delegates elected leaders of the Conference to serve for the next 4 years. As a result, the conference saw at least 48 pastoral district assignments and reassignments and the establishment new strategic plans.
  5. Youth Rally and Investiture Service. At least 4,000 persons attended the Youth Rally and Investiture Service at Camp Verley in November with close to 1,000 pathfinders and master guides being invested. During this service, the announcement was made that the Ministry of Education will be allowing pathfinders to be part of the club offerings in our public schools.
  6. Preach-a-thon. Preach-a-thon 2018 was a grand success. Over 200 persons were baptized during the remodelled preach-a-thon that saw the series going for most of November.
  7. Training of 83 new Medical Missionaries. Of the over 100 persons who participated, 83 persons completed the 80-hour and month long Medical Missionary training during the month of April. These newly trained Medical Missionaries also hosted a Health Expo as part of their practicum where over 50 persons were attended to.
  8. CJC took top prizes in the Jamaica Union Bible Connection and Heritage Quiz Competitions. Chantelle Wynter of the Bellas Gate Church took first prize during the JAMU Bible Connection 2018 and went on to represent the Jamaica Union in Belize at the Inter-American Division Competition. A team from the Sydenham Church also took first prize during the JAMU heritage quiz competition this year.
  9. Prayer Convention and Launch of Praying in the Spirit and in the Word. During the month of April, the Central Jamaica Conference hosted a Prayer Convention at Camp Verley. During that convention, the programme, “Praying in the Spirit and in the Word” was launched that would see a special Bible make a trip to every district within the Conference to encourage members to pray according to the Word of God.
  10. Mission Project 2019. CJC adopted the Jamaica Union’s Mission Project 2019 under the theme, “National and Personal Transformation through Holistic Health”. Churches and members signed up for various health projects to impact their communities.

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