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The WHEEL Development Fund Continues to Meet the Needs of Persons in Central Jamaica

Published: 11-06-2021 |

“Daddy, you a cry?” asked Lesa as she sensed the overwhelming emotions emanating from her father, Barrington Angus.

The family rests their heads in a far from ideal home in Kitson Town, St. Catherine. Life has not always been easy for them, but with each passing day, Angus would religiously burn wood to supply the coal market in a bid to provide for the needs of his family. However, the coal business can be unpredictable, and even after a month into the process, the hope of sale is dismal. In light of this, Angus is constantly on the lookout for new job opportunities.

“Sometimes, I feel like I am not trying hard enough. Since we were burnt out in 2008, I have never been able to really provide for my family”, stated Angus.

Although he struggles with feelings of inferiority, Angus musters the courage to reassure his children that life will get better. Nonetheless, he is unable to prevent certain obstacles from befalling them. His two children have their own challenges as they try to manoeuvre online classes with no Wi-Fi and a small provision of J$2,000 credit for a data plan, which runs out before the week is out. For Angus and his family, the sticks have been drawn, and his 9-year-old son, the youngest, got the shortest stick as he is left to be educated by whatever hard copy material he is given, while his 13-year-old sister uses the smartphone for classes. Irrespective of the unconventional means of being educated, Lesa stood out as the past top PEP student at Kitson Town All-Age School and has recently enrolled at St. Hughes High School.

Feeling proud and overwhelmed by his daughter’s success, Angus recounted an instance when he was seeking monetary assistance of J$100 from a friend to help her with the taxi fare for school and was embarrassed. In response to his request, the friend said, “That’s all unu do get pickney and then beg people fi help mind them”, recounted Angus as he held back tears.

True United Sisters, a humanitarian organisation, discovered the story of Angus and posted it on Facebook seeking assistance for the family. The Welfare, Health, Education, Empowerment, and Local Community (WHEEL) Development Fund saw the story of Angus and decided to grant him J$70,000 to assist him with his family’s needs.

The most pressing need for Angus and his family is a bathroom. Even though he does not have a suitable mattress, the need for a place to bathe is more important than a place to lay his head for Angus.

The WHEEL Fund is organised by the Central Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists to help meet the high level of demand for welfare and other community needs. Over the years, the Conference and local churches have attempted to meet requests relating to welfare, education and health using an ad hoc approach. Unfortunately, these requests usually go beyond what the Covenant Offering can cover.

Besides the tithe and covenant offering contributions, the Conference is asking each member to make a consistent contribution towards the WHEEL Fund on either a weekly or a monthly basis.

You can contribute through one of the four options below:

  1. Tithe Envelope - Through the Tithe Envelope at your local SDA Church or the Conference Office.
  2. Credit/Debit Card - The Conference Office currently accepts all major debit and credit cards.
  3. Bank Account - Direct deposit to Central Jamaica Conference Bank of Nova Scotia Account #914 Spanish Town Branch ($J) or ($US) 802-770012.
  4. Online - Give to WHEEL through our Online Giving Website at https://give.centralja.org/.

For further information, send an email to communication@centralja.org.


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