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The Fires of Hope Burn for Another Week in CJC

Published: 03-07-2020 |

If two weeks of the first phase of our Fires of Hope series, under the caption, 'Christ is the Answer', with Evangelist, Verol Dixon was good, then nearly three weeks is even better!

We give God thanks for what He has been doing since the Central Jamaica Conference (CJC) launched its first-ever 100% online Fires of Hope evangelistic series from headquarters on June 21, 2020. Night-after-night, Dixon has shared powerful messages from the Word of God. Persons from around the CJC region, other areas of Jamaica, and from around the world have been tuning in. Technology has been a blessing as the series has been streamed on www.watchcjclive.com, Facebook, YouTube, and various churches' Zoom platforms. The Lord has also blessed us to reach some who may not have reliable access to the Internet but can experience the series on NCU TV. Persons have been clicking the link to our decision card, daily, to receive calls from dedicated ministry partners to facilitate baptisms, prayers, welfare needs, needs of Spirit-filled literature, and counselling. The CJC continues to take a comprehensive approach to the mission of Christ.

Phase one was scheduled to conclude on Sabbath, July 4, 2020. Now, we are pleased to announce that we will continue through to July 8, 2020. This means you still have time to share with others!

Here are just a few of the online comments, from the thousands that have been posted: 

"Thank you, Lord, for your manservant. Keep your hand on him, I pray, in Jesus name." -Diane F.

"Save me, Lord, help me to be ready for your soon coming." -Georgia M.

"Powerful message for such a time like this." -Gloria M.

"My God, My God. Jesus came and did it just for me." -Antocath S.

"Bless the Lord. Your grace is sufficient for me." -Sylvena W.

"Thank you for the word, Preacher! Amen." -Elmo W.

"I am enjoying the service thank you, Jesus, for this privilege and thank you also for your manservant. Bless him, Lord. Amen." -Carol M.

"Spread the word." -Grace W.

Don't take our word for it, please experience the blessing first-hand and share with your friends, now at www.watchcjclive.com

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