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The Best Birthday Ever! CJC President Celebrates Life with Eager Students

Published: 07-02-2020 |

'I am a happy person today because you are here. Continue to make the Lord happy, your family happy, your teachers happy, and your friends happy', said the CJC's President, Levi Johnson as he celebrated his 60th birthday with a room full of February birthday celebrants from the Willowdene Group of Schools.

The CJC's Departmental Directors had convened their usual Friday strategy meeting on February 7 when suddenly the board room door opened and a long line of eager, energetic students poured in and occupied nearly all available seats. Most of the Directors were caught off guard, wondering what would happen next. Then Pastor Johnson smiled and shared that he was keeping the promise he made a year ago, to celebrate his birthday with any Willowdene students that were born in February. His smile turned into subtle laughter as he realised just how many students were born during, what he repeatedly called, 'the best month of the year'. He said, 'The gift that I want is for you to do well. I promise I will do my best for you'.

The special moments invested with these young people today will continue to impact their lives for many years to come. Pastor Johnson and several Conference workers encouraged them to strive to be all they can be, as the Creator gives them strength. There is nothing too hard for God. Each student was encouraged to achieve academic success and to continue making their families, Church, and communities proud. Of course, they also enjoyed sweet treats of cake, ice cream, and special sparkling juice. It was a birthday celebration, after all.

The enjoyable experience concluded as the President charged the students to plan another excellent time for them next February. The simplest things often create the most significant impact. For today, the simplicity of laughter, celebration, and access to the CJC's servant-leader were the impactful features. And for this, we give God thanks.

Happy Birthday, February celebrants!

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