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Talk Up, Talk Out, Youth!

Published: 17-07-2020 |

When Jesus speaks, we need to listen! I don't know if you realise this or not, but our Saviour's public ministry began and ended during the years of His youth. He gave His life on the cross when He was just 33 1/2 years of age. Whereas He called and chose any who would submit to God, He established a pattern of calling and equipping young people to talk up, and talk out for Him! 

When the Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary, she was a young person. Many of Jesus' early disciples were young people. Many of the Adventist pioneers were young people. They were the face of the 'church' of their day, being guided, taught and counselled by the faithful elders in the faith, through the Holy Spirit. Those young people were strong and committed to the mission of Christ (1 John 2:14).

Jesus has indeed been speaking through the young people this week during the Fires of Hope Youth Evangelistic Series. Evangelist Donneil Linton has been engaging both the young, and the young at heart with the Word of God under the captions: Earth 2.0, Glow Up, PUSH, and Stronger Than Wi-Fi. 

A unique feature and enhancement of the series is the Talk Up, Talk Out segment where, for a few minutes just before the sermon, youth speak out to illustrate the essence of the preacher's message within natural settings and real-life scenarios. The segment causes us to think through our life circumstances with clarity, and by the time the Word is preached, we are better able to apply it to our daily experiences and make sensible decisions. It bridges the divide between the theory and practice of holy living. And by all accounts, the viewers are enriched by the experience.

At 3:30 PM, this Sabbath, July 18, 2020, the series continues under the caption, Influencers. We look forward to God moving in a powerful way, as He has done thus far. 

Please share this blessing with as many persons as possible. Click the link to our new and improved live streaming page, www.WatchCJCLive.com

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