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Seventh-day Adventist Christian Education can tackle some key issues that Jamaica face-Lincoln

Published: 22-05-2019 |

“With the view that the primary objectives of Adventist Christian Education are to provide hope for criminals, produce competent workers as well as prepare youth for service to God and mankind, the Seventh-day Adventist church through education can tackle key issues that Jamaica face,” said Dr, Lincoln Edwards, President NCU.

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Dr. Lincoln Edwards, President of Northern Caribbean University (NCU). | Credits: Steve O’Connor

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He made the disclosure while addressing teachers, students , parents and church members at the inaugural Education Summit, held at the Family of God Seventh-day Adventist church on Saturday May 11, 2019.

"Everybody ought to know who Jesus is," declared Dr. Edwards. Noting that, “there are many people who are confused about the mission and identity of Jesus, and the SDA system of education was specially designed to tackle this issue.”

The theme of the education summit was “Seventh-day Adventist Christian Education: Transforming Lives for Time and for Eternity and was organized by the Education Department of the Central Jamaica Conference to inspire and motivate others to develop a greater appreciation for Adventist Christian Education.

Awards/ Scholarships and other Recognition

During the ceremony, forty- seven teachers were awarded for their contribution to Adventist Christian education.

The honorees were selected from all the Seventh-day Adventist educational institutions in the central region of Jamaica and divided into four categories.

Sixteen teachers were recognized for service of 15-19 years, thirteen for service of 20-25 years, eight for service of 26- 29 years and ten for service of 30- 45 years.

The summit also included the presentation of 12 scholarships to students attending the Willowdene High and Preparatory Schools,Campbell's Castle Preparatory School, May Pen High School, Victor Dixon High School and Northern Caribbean University.

These scholarships were funded by the WHEEL programme and were presented by WHEEL Coordinator Mr. Charles Bulgin.

Dr. Clifton Knight, Education Director CJC, expressed sincere appreciation to all the recipients for their commitment and devotion to Adventist Christian Education, while appealing to others to follow their example.

“Your faithfulness is noteworthy, and we express commendations to you for your hard work, it is my sincere desire that you will continue to be examples for all men to follow,” he said.

The event also featured a special display of five (5) product samples. These are past students who have graced the Adventist schools and are now impacting the world as agents of change.

According to Dr. Knight, , the Adventist church is strong, because of these stalwarts that our schools and churches are preparing year after year.

He also noted that he is a proud product of Adventist Christian Education and so is his family.

“We believe in it, we live it and share it so that other lives can be transformed for time and for eternity,” he concluded.



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