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Published: 28-05-2020 |

For approximately thirty (30) years, the HS Walters Health Centre has been serving the Sydenham and surrounding communities. Over the last six (6) years the facility has not only expanded its physical structure but, also its offerings to its clients.

These offerings/services have encountered some interruptions with the announcement of the first confirmed COVID-19 case on March 10. Since then, the Seventh-day Adventist healthcare facility which is owned and operated by the Central Jamaica Conference has been operating under a ‘new norm’.

In an effort to provide much-needed healthcare and comply with the government protocols for the general public, Mary Cole, Manager of the facility and staff has adapted ‘social distancing’ and sanitization measures to ensure the protection of clients and staff alike.

“HS Walters is a health facility and that is one of the places that will have to remain open throughout, what we’ve had to do is to scale back a few of our services” stated Mrs Mary Cole.

However, as the government seeks to reopen the country, the facility has started a ‘phase-in’ approach with all its services. As at Sunday, May 24, the facility ‘Sunday Services’ is back, the dental and eye care facilities have also been restored.

“For this month (May), we are running a special; all mothers can get a 50% discount on their glasses from our Eye Clinic”, informed Mrs Mary Cole.

HS Walters offers a variety of services which includes, but not limited to:
Ante-natal Services
Wound-care (dressing)
In-house and Online Counselling (Prayer, Talk with someone)
Diabetes Hotline

Under the ‘new norm,’ the health centre has been closing at 2:00 PM. However, with the upcoming ‘reopening’ the facility will revert to its original closing time of 5:00 PM. The hotline for diabetics is a 24hour service with the exception of Sabbaths when they are closed.

In providing adequate care and protection for any possible COVID-19 case, there is now a new Doctors’ and Isolation Rooms.

The HS Walters Health Centre is a Limited Liability Company, which is funded through the fees collected for its services, as well as, the Central Jamaica Conference (CJC).

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