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Prayer service, a show of solidarity for police officers, church and community

Published: 03-03-2017 |

In an effort to foster partnership among the police and the church community, the Braeton Seventh-day Adventist Church convened a Prayer Service which was held at the church, under the theme, ‘God Knows’ on February 4, 2017. The service saw several civic leaders including the deputy mayor, school administrators and church leaders in attendance along with numerous members of the church, St. Catherine South Division of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and the wider community.

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Members of the JCF come to the altar for prayer at the Braeton Seventh-day Adventist Church during a specially called Prayer Service for the JCF | Credits:

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In bringing greetings to the congregation, Dr Lincoln Edwards, President of the Northern Caribbean University, sought to congratulate the JCF for keeping the citizens safe. Similarly, Pastor Nevail Barrett, Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Director of the Central Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, reiterated the praise for the officers while emphasising the need for prayer in these perilous times.

Councillor Alrick Campbell, Deputy Mayor of Portmore, brought greetings on behalf of the Mayor who was unavoidably absent. He pledged the municipality’s continued support to the JCF in the fight against crime and in all other endeavours.

Woman Constable S. Green delivered the message from the Acting Commissioner of Police, Novelette Grant. The Police High Command chose the month of February as ‘Love Month’, with the slogan, ‘Love me to live, don’t love me to death.’ This theme was chosen because of Jamaica’s growing problem of intimate partner and domestic violence. She requested the church’s support through prayer and other intervention in order to stop the problem of crime and violence.

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Mr. Leighton Gray, Superintendent of Police in charge of Operations in the St. Catherine South Division, addresses the congregation during prayer service. | Credits:

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Mr. Leighton Gray, Superintendent of Police in charge of Operations in the St. Catherine South Division, expressed gratitude to the church for hosting the service and its continued support in crime fighting efforts. He cited that 1,350 Jamaicans were murdered last year and it is as a result of the Almighty, who is merciful and forgiving, together with the prayer, fasting and sacrifices of the church that Jamaica continues to exist. He pledged that the JCF will continue to provide professional service as it celebrates 150 years of existence.

Romone Phoenix, host Pastor, delivered the charge which made reference to God’s omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence hence His ability to know everything. He stated that despite the many challenges that police officers and civilians face, God knows and as a result He is there to comfort and help His children. Pastor Phoenix implored all present to persevere despite the struggles.

Throughout the service, prayers of commitment, empowerment and Divine blessings were offered for the members of the Force.

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