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Phase One of Home Transformation for Bois Content Family Completed

Published: 20-05-2020 |

Phase One of the Home Transformation Project for a single mother and her three children, living in undesirable conditions, in the Breeze Mill area, is now completed.

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Side view of the one-bedroom house constructed for Trudian and her family | Credits: Charles Bulgin

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The Disaster Relief Committee of the Bois Content Seventh-day Adventist Church completed the first phase of the project just in time for Mother’s Day, and the family has now moved into their one-bedroom house.

Pastor Everett Smith, Director of Community Services and Publishing, Charles Bulgin, WHEEL Coordinator and Associate Communication Director and Lorna Bansie, President of Parish Development Action Committee (PDAC), along with other members of the St. Catherine Community Services Federation conducted a follow-up visit to celebrate this milestone achievement with the family on Sunday, May 19, 2020. During their visit, they also gifted Trudian, and her family with additional care packages, a water tank, and other household items.

With a contribution of $100,000 JMD from the WHEEL Programme of the Central Jamaica Conference, the team was also able to begin phase two of the project. Phase two will be the construction of a bathroom and kitchen for Trudian and her family and will be completed in June of this year.

“We are thankful for what we have been able to achieve so far, and we will not stop until this family is totally comfortable,” expressed Elder Lamar Clarke, of the Bois Content SDA Church.

“I do not know what to say, but thank you, thank you, thank you very much,” said Trudian, who was overwhelmed with joy at the help received.

Members of the church came across the family over a month ago while they were conducting their food distribution and feeding program. Since then, the work to providing a more comfortable living space for Trudian and her three children has been ongoing.





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