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Pastor Calls For Security Forces To Be Courageous In Fight Against Crime, Corruption

Published: 24-04-2017 |

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Nevail Barrett | Credits: Nigel Coke

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Pastor Nevail Barrett, Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Director of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church's central region, is challenging members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force at all levels to be a Daniel of the Bible and stand up, stand out, and speak up in the fight against corruption, crime, and violence.

However, as he referenced the book of Daniel, Chapter 6, he pointed out to them that their battle was twofold: against hardened criminals and even some unscrupulous colleagues.

"Our nation needs people of honour, people with the right attitude who put God first and people after," said Barrett.

"Members of the security forces, the Lord has placed you in your line of duty, which requires honesty, loyalty to duty, and integrity in word and deed, and He has equipped you with the skill set to deliver. Sometimes it is hindered by human interference, but you have got to live right and set the right example."

Barrett was delivering the main Divine Hour message during the Northern Caribbean University' 17th Annual Prayer and Thanksgiving Service for the Security Forces, held on Saturday at its main campus in Mandeville under the theme 'Courage Brother: Do Not Stumble'.

He said that some of the things that drive crime and violence in the minds of men are position and power and money, but "all of that is vanity and vexation of spirit. I commit you officers to God because at times, you have to fight from the inside out, and your job becomes more difficult.

"People will try to destroy you because of your morality, your stand for righteousness, honour, and because they think you are getting in their way. I am sure these are the things that many of you officers have to deal with. Many want you to compromise your principles and the law, but you have to stand up for God."

...Eyes of Lord on cops

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Newly appointed Commissioner of Police, George Quallo (left) congratulates Woman Corporal Lesia Mullings of the Area 3 Headquarters on her achievement during the 17th annual Prayer and Thanksgiving Service for the Security Forces hosted by Northern Caribbean University at its main campus in Mandeville, on Saturday, April 22, 2017. | Credits: Nigel Coke

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Newly appointed Commissioner of Police George Quallo and other members of the security forces have been assured that God will be watching over them and protecting them from enemies on all sides.

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