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Published: 31-01-2017 |


The Newland Community came alive to the sounds of melodious singing/music on Sunday evening, 22 January 2017, to commence the Better Life and Community Series.

Despite the recent gruesome murder of a man near the site (old Jamintel site off Newland Road), members of the community turned out in large numbers under the big red and white tent.

Pastor Levi Johnson, President of the Central Jamaica Conference of Seventh Day Adventists, officially opened the Series and introduced the other members of the evangelistic team to the congregation.

The team was made up of Dr. Merrick D. Walker, Evangelist for the Series, Pastors Howard Grant, Coniel Graham, Conrad Graham, Sean Hamilton and Dr. Lorraine Vernal.

‘Real Solutions to Portmore Challenges’ was the night’s opening topic. The underlining text was Genesis 1 vs 31 ‘God saw all that he had made and it was very good’.

The question that was posed by the evangelist was, “what went wrong?” Pastor Walker expounded on the issues of the day and era; linking with the biblical context and finally reminding and telling the congregation that the only solution is a life with Christ.

The four-week Series is a collaborative effort of the Newland, Tent City and Portmore Seventh-day Adventist churches.

Special features are to include Finance Guidance, Health Education, Family Counselling, Blessing of Babies and Prophesy Studies.




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