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New Year Message from CJC

Published: 31-12-2018 |

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Happy New Year greetings to you.

2018 is history; we welcome 2019 with hope and gratitude to God.

We are thankful to God for His blessings and provision in 2018. We believe that the God of 2018, is also the God of 2019 and will see us through despite our challenges.

We wish for you and your family a deeper spiritual experience in 2019; that each day will find you more prepared for the Second Coming of Jesus.

We invite you to join us in doing all we can to fulfill the gospel commission. As you do mission in your neck of the woods, we share with you some ministry priorities that we invite you to pursue with us in 2019.

We would like to establish each church within the Conference on a path for numerically and spiritually growth. Therefore, we invite your prayers and support for the small church resuscitation programme. We give priority to the reclamation of former members. We need to visit, love, pray for and reclaim them for Jesus.

We would like to see increased attendance to and participation in Sabbath School. Sabbath School is the cooperate nurturing tool for the church; it shows the spiritual temperature of the church. Let us use creative methods to inspire increased participation.

We would like to see more of our local church Elders and Leaders involved in evangelism—preaching, visitation and Bible studies. 

By the grace of God, we hope to see at least 4,000 new members added through baptism in 2019. This can only be accomplished through Total Member Involvement (TMI) and with the power of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit’s power will only come to us when we are united in mission and earnest in prayer.

We recommend Christ’s Method as the most effective means of reaching all classes of people with the gospel. The Saviour mingled with men as One who desired their good; showed His sympathy for them, ministered to their needs, won their confidence and then bade them “follow Me”.  As in the times of Christ, health is the most topical felt need of today. Therefore, we encourage all churches to engage in Comprehensive Health Ministry by first living the health principles of the NEWSTART and sharing them with the community as the best way to prevent disease.

We encourage all to support the mission, not only with your prayers, but your faithfulness in tithes and offerings. We pray that God will bless us with at least 15% increase in tithes over last year.  We encourage our leaders to implement a comprehensive stewardship education programme that includes teaching our children and youth the value of faithfulness in tithes and offering.

We take great interest in the temporal welfare of all members. We desire that the social and economic standings of our brethren be greatly improved. Hence, besides tithes and offerings, we encourage all to support the welfare programme of the conference—W.H.E.E. L—that is geared towards financial assistance in the various areas of need—namely Welfare, Health, Education, Empowerment and Community Development.

Finally, we encourage all churches, as far as resources allow to utilize technology as a great tool for mission and nurturing. We encourage, especially our youth, to accept the #WhyIBelieve social media challenge throughout the year by using social media to share their faith in the Word of God.

Thank you for your partnership in mission. From the Administrators, Directors, Office Staff, Pastors, Teachers, Institutional Workers and the entire CJC family, Happy New Year and God bless you richly. 

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