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New Prayer-Health Trail at Camp Verley

Published: 07-05-2019 |

The Prayer Trail at Camp Verley was established several years ago as an initiative to encourage our people to pray without ceasing. Since then many persons have benefited from it spiritually.

The trail is divided into seven stations, each with its own unique message. The stations in order of placement on the trail are : The Invitation, The Crossing, The Struggle , The Healing, The Call, The Break through and The Victory.

Located at each station is a story board that gives the scripture passages for meditation, focus points and suggested hymns relevant to that theme. These are given as a guide to a deeper relationship with Jesus as individuals prayerfully walk the trail.

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A section of the new Prayer-Health Trail at Camp Verley, Spring Gardens | Credits: Andrew Johnson

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Recently, the health features from the N.E.W.S.T.A.R.T programme were added to the prayer trail and at each stop along the trail one of the following areas are highlighted: Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest, and Trust in God.

According to Pastor Levi Johnson, President, CJC, this merger is intentional and meets a very important need in the life of every Christian.

“By living healthy we have clear minds for the Holy Spirit to work through as we access God’s throne through prayer and meditation,” he said.

Pastor Chambers, Health Ministries, Director, CJC , shared that he is really delighted to know that the Administrators decided to add the health features to the trail.

“I am overjoyed at this new feature on the trail, because it will help to keep persons happy and healthy in the church,” he said.

The Prayer Health Trail is the property of the Central Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day

Adventists and is available to every member of the conference as well as nonmembers at no cost.

When going on the trail you need your bible, water, a comfortable shoe and a prayerful attitude.

A renewal is a guaranteed to anyone who embark on this journey along the Prayer Health Trail, concluded President Johnson.

“At the end of the trail you will feel renewed and ready to continue life’s journey, giving thanks and praise to the Father for the wonderful Creator Lord and Savior He is,” he said.

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