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It's All About Ministry Relationships: Bless TV

Published: 19-03-2021 |

Considering the upcoming series, "It's All About Relationship", which begins on March 20, 2021, it is well in order to note that the Central Jamaica Conference (CJC) is fortunate to have various ministry partners who have been supporting the mission of the Church using their God-given expertise and willingness to serve. Our focus in this article is Bless TV.

Hernel Latty, a professional technician, has been involved in ministry for more than 30 years. His passion for God and the Church has inspired him to offer his service to the Conference, where he currently sits on the Communication Board. Additionally, he is one of the pioneers of Bless TV, a cable platform that broadcasts meaningful content for the benefit of both Christians and non-Christians locally.

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Bless TV started in a small section of the Greater Portmore area where mainly worship services were produced on one cable station. In 2003, the mission improved when All Of Us Cable Company joined the team. 2005 saw the largest cable operator in Portmore, Jaxs, becoming a part of the mission, which subsequently gave Bless TV full coverage across Portmore.

The cable service significantly improved when Bless TV extended its coverage to Kingston and St. Andrew by collaborating with both Ali Cable Vision and Jamaica Cable Vision. As a result, Bless TV was officially launched in December 2005 at the Portmore Seventh-day Adventist church.

Presently, Bless TV has expanded its reach from a minute section of Portmore to seven parishes and 13 cable stations locally. The Cable Witness TV has been moving the Adventist message forward from its initial viewership of roughly 1,000 to approximately 200,000.

Through the financial support of CJC and the Braeton SDA Church in Portmore, Bless TV has successfully extended its broadcast of mainly worship services to camp meetings, children's functions, conventions, concerts, drama presentations, among other impactful programmes.

"I want to see Bless TV on most, if not all cable stations in Jamaica, but my foremost vision is for Bless TV to be on free to air, phone application, or even on an android box at home", Latty stated as he shared his vision for the virtual platform. According to Latty, if Bless TV is aired for free, the Adventist mission will be all over the world, and ultimately more people will become aware of the Adventist message.

Bless TV has been a source of strength and inspiration for countless viewers who have benefited from educational programmes and health fairs, significant focus points for the Adventist Church. As the cable platform aids in fueling personal and spiritual growth, faithful viewers have expressed their gratitude for the influence that the platform has had on their lives. An eight-year-old non-Adventist viewer is among the happy and satisfied clients who verbally share their support of the vision from time to time.

Hernel Latty and his partnership with the Conference have blessed many people's hearts through cutting-edge service given by Bless TV. The Church in Central Jamaica is on the move, and Bless TV has been instrumental in expanding the Adventist message's reach.

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