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Illiterate at age 15, theology student now finalising first degree

Published: 15-05-2022 |

At age 15 Marvin Pryce was not able to read or write. Ending school at that age in grade nine, he recalls, nevertheless, being able to check money, as he went out on the road many days to “hustle” for his family.

Pryce, who is today reading for a Bachelor’s degree in religion and theology with an Associate in Business Administration at the Northern Caribbean University (NCU), is the eighth of 13 children for his mother. He was born and raised in a small community called Burnt Ground in Clarendon, in a one bedroom house with his parents and siblings.

When his parents separated, he said his father turned his back on the family, leaving his mother to fend alone. At that time, he was just four. Pryce told the Jamaica Observer that his mother then constructed a one bedroom house in the same community, for her and the children.


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