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‘Get Inducted into the Universal Community’-CJC President Says as he Shares the Benefits of Receiving Adventist Christian Education

Published: 22-03-2018 |

“…True education means more than the pursual of a certain course of study. It means more than a preparation for the life that now is. It has to do with the whole being and with the whole period of existence possible to man…” Ellen G White , Education

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Members and Students of the Campbell's Castle Preparatory School | Credits: Tamara Bailey, Communication Secretary, Campbell's Castle Church

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The Campbell’s castle SDA preparatory School planned and hosted the celebration of Education Emphasis Day in true Adventist style recently (March 17), bringing together educators from across Central Jamaica, parents and past students to witness the evidence of God’s handiwork.

With just a fraction of the over eighty students enrolled at the institution participating along with teachers, parents and past students, the programme lacked nothing and as the greetings from education directors and leaders flowed, it became evident that the school leaders are doing something right.

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President, CJC Levi Johnson delivering the sermon at Education Emphasis Day at Campbell's Castle Preparatory | Credits: Tamara Bailey, Communication Secretary, Campbell's Castle Church

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President of the Central Jamaica Conference, Pastor Levi Johnson, who gave the main address, thanked the educational leaders, parents and sponsors present for their unwavering service to the upliftment of Seventh day Adventist Christian Education.

He hailed Principal of the institution Mrs. Cecile Forbes and her administration for the leadership in this critical time in ensuring steady growth.

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Principal Cecile Forbes addressing the congregation | Credits: Tamara Bailey, Communication Secretary, Campbell's Castle Church

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He said he is fully committed to the growth of our children and offered assistance; financial and otherwise when needed.

“This kind of education is Biblical …The Bible helps to prepare us for the future…our schools believe in the word. Our philosophy, teachings, ideas are embedded in the word of God. That is one of the reasons why the conference has given millions of dollars to continuing this tradition. Ensuring that whatever we do it is grounded in scripture”
Pastor Johnson expressed pleasure at the work done by teachers daily to further the work of God and prepare children for the life to come.

“…Parents when you send your send your children to Campbell’s Castle Preparatory School you are making an investment in ensuring that scripture in inculcated in their brain, so when they get old they will not depart from it…I support Adventist Christian education because I know our teachers will take care of our children… our teachers know they are a part of the Ministry, the plan, the mission of God’s church”.

He further mentioned that Adventist Christian teachers are required to go beyond a structured curriculum but must embody the Master’s plan.

“Our children are heritage of the Lord. God has given to us our children, we have a responsibility to mold them and impart unto them knowledge that will outlast this world, in preparation for the world to come… no ordinary teacher can do this. You are not here because of money, you are here because God has called you to take care of the flock; those little ones who are gullible and easily led…”

Pastor Johnson commended those Christian teachers who work in public schools and continue to build the morale of the student population and made a call for greater togetherness in our own schools.

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Members of the CJC Administration, the Education Director and Senior Pastor of the Asia district of churches greet the students and worshipers after service | Credits: Tamara Bailey, Communication Secretary, Campbell's Castle Church

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“Let’s come together and build Adventist Christian education, we have no choice, the world is against us…When boys and girls come to our schools they are inducted into a universal community because the seventh day Adventist Church is a universal community with a global mission”

He ended “May God continue to bless us who are a part of the team to continue the promulgation of the gospel. Sooner than we think, we may not be able to do what we are doing now. We cannot afford this legacy that God has given to his church to die… Let us be a part of the throng of believers who will ensure that our children are saved in God’s kingdom. I am committed…”

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