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Emerging Entrepreneurs | Bevon King: Charting A Course In Agrotech

Published: 21-02-2017 |

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In an era where the confines of an office are seen as the greatest pull factor for those endowed with youth, one 24-year-old has opted to advance the underrated field of agriculture through technological innovation.

A graduate of Willowdene High and Ardenne High's sixth-form programme, Bevon King's love affair with entrepre-neurship began while studying psychology at Northern Caribbean University (NCU).

"Similar to having solar panels installed to save on utilities, King and Company Foods installs soilless automated growing machines on rooftops or within yards and sells the produce (vegetables, fruits, herbs) to third parties like supermarkets, hotels, and restaurants. Growers then receive a passive income, and the third parties get a consistent supply of high-quality produce," said King.

He added: "I quit my formal studies at NCU, but my family encouraged me to resume, and I obliged under the condition that I change my programme to operations management. I founded King and Company Foods last July when I sold some lettuce to some eager and curious customers, and later in August when I sold a prototype for the system."

The young visionary, who thinks of his company as the "Jamaica Broilers of vegetables and herbs", is heavily inspired by United States business models such as Solar City.

He said: "I'm driven to make Jamaican produce world-class in quality and consistency, and key to achieving this is the utilisation of better technology in agriculture. I've interviewed the decision-making units within restaurants and hotels, and two words remain consistent - quality and reliability."



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