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Donated 15-seater bus to help boost Portmore-based Adventist Church Ministries

Published: 25-05-2018 |

St. Catherine, Jamaica ─ The Portmore Seventh-day Adventist church recently received a necessary gift that will boost its ministry to the community and church members. The gift, a 15-seater minibus, drove through the church gates in the second week of April 2018 and was dedicated to the Lord’s service on the 28th of the same month.

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Side view of the 15-seater bus that was recently donated to the Portmore Seventh-day Adventist Church. The bus will be used to assist with transporting elderly members to church and in other areas of ministry. | Credits: Akay Hendricks, Portmore Church

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Associate Pastor at the Portmore church Sean Hamilton, says this gift will spearhead the church’s ‘Bus Ministry’. He outlined that the bus was donated by a member of the church who is passionate about assisting the elderly and other church members who face transportation issues. “Over time it has become difficult for the elderly worshipers to attend church as a direct result of transportation-related issues. A member saw a great need and decided to sacrificially donate a bus to the church”, said Hamilton.

The bus will be used in the areas of welfare, education, and health. These areas, he added will be addressed by transporting those in need to and from church and also transporting students of the Adventist-owned and operated Willowdene Group of Schools, who live in the Portmore Zone. Additionally, the bus will be used to assist the Health and Personal Ministries Departments with their outreach programs and activities.

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Pastor Sean Hamilton, Associate Pastor of the Portmore Seventh-day Adventist Church | Credits:

The Associate pastor emphasized that the church celebrates this wonderful, valuable and necessary donation as it will increase its ability to reach the community. “We recognize that this gift belongs to the Lord and not the Church”, he said.

Meanwhile, he noted that a maintenance plan is already in place for the new donation. “A service and maintenance check will be conducted at every 3000 kilometers and we also have a driver who will keep and care for the bus.” He added that it will be parked in a secure location when not in use.

To fund maintenance and upkeep, select groups will be charged a discounted price to use the bus when going on trips not connected to in reach and outreach initiatives. He also outlined that this will all be monitored by a management team.

Already the bus has been used to transport elderly members to and from the church as well as persons attending the 2018 Children’s Crusade at the Tent City Seventh-day Adventist church in Grange Lane, Portmore.

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