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Deaf Church Crusade inspires women; two baptised

Published: 05-07-2018 |

Two hearing impaired women found a new source of joy when they said ‘yes’ to Jesus through baptism.

In a crusade recently held at the Portmore SDA Church for the Deaf in April 2018, Horeana Robinson and Nabriska Roach acted on their faith which had grown by ‘hearing’ the word of God.

The two week crusade was part of the Operation Huldah initiative planned by the Central Jamaica Conference (CJC).

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Mae-Ester Robinson, member of the Deaf Church. Mae-Ester was the main speaker for the recently held 2-week evangelistic series at the Deaf Church in Portmore. | Credits: Facebook

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Member of the Deaf Church, Ma-Ester Robinson delivered the sermons. Under the theme ‘Revere Jesus Christ with Womanhood’, Robinson preached on women of the Bible including Mary- mother of Jesus, Ruth, Dorcas and Mary Magdalene.

Robinson has preached before but this was her first crusade. She said the experience was as sweet as honey to her.

“It was like a piece of heaven. I would love to see it [happen] over and over again so I can preach to all the women and girls out there and inspire them to be like the great women of the Holy Word, the Bible, ” said Robinson in a recent interview.

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Coniel Morgan, Pastor of the Portmore Seventh-day Adventist Church for the Deaf | Credits: Facebook

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Pastor of the Deaf Church, Coneil Morgan, says the meetings were attended by both hearing and hearing impaired persons. Three interpreters ensured everyone understood.

He says in addition to the sermons the meetings included song service (songs were signed), a season of prayer and a feature where hearing persons learned some sign language.

The baptism took place on the final Sabbath of the campaign. The two women were being worked with before and finally made their decisions during the series of meetings.

Both of them, Nabriska and Horeana, are happy they got baptised.

“I am learning a lot of new things. I believe in God and I want to be in a good relationship with Him,” said Horeana.

The Deaf Church has been opening up access to the gospel to the marginalized hearing impaired community since its establishment in 2016. Over 40 persons regularly attend the services on Sabbaths.

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