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Published: 19-11-2016 |

As part of the annual Youth Month activities celebrated in November, eleven (11) youth leaders assumed leadership positions in the Central Jamaica Conference, acting as Administrators and Directors for a day on Monday, November 14, 2016.

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Youth leaders pose for a group photo with the Administrators and Directors of CJC. These youth leaders acted in the position of Administrators and Directors for an entire day. | Credits: Damian Chambers

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Starting with devotion, the youth leaders were invited to experience what a typical day at the Office felt like for the Administrators and Directors.

The full slate of Youth Conference Officials is as follows:-
• President and Prayer Ministries: Doniel Linton
• Executive Secretary and Ministerial: Jevon Reid
• Treasurer: Kerrian Reid
• Sabbath School and Personal Ministries: Paula Whittaker
• Education: Arlene McLeod
• Family and Health: Roshania Tully
• Youth and Publishing: Xavier Small
• Communication: Ragel Barrett
• Stewardship: Harlow Johnson
• Spirit of Prophecy and Religious Liberty: Kevin Parker
• Women, Community Services & Children Ministries: Sheresse Hamilton

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Pastor Levi Johnson, president of CJC holds up a copy of the Adventist Working Policy book. Pastor Johnson was giving an overview of conference operations to the youth leaders. | Credits: Damian Chambers

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After receiving their assignments, the “shadow” officers had a briefing session, during which Pastor Levi Johnson, President of the Conference welcomed the group and gave an overview of how the Conference functions. He also introduced them to the Working Policy which guides the operations of the Conference.

Communication Director, Pastor Damian Chambers, presented a summary of CJC’s strategic plans which gives an insight into the mission and vision statements of the organisation.

Then, it was time for work.

Each shadow Director/Administrator had the opportunity to be directly involved in the tasks to be accomplished during the day by their respective Departments.

At approximately 3:00 pm, the young people joined the Directors and Administrators for a Committee Meeting, where they reflected on their experiences and participated in other discussions.

The youth testified that it was an eye-opening experience for them. They indicated that they have developed a greater respect for the leaders of the Church.

According to “shadow” President, Doniel Linton, “it was an experience that really opened my eyes. I have been exposed to church work for a few years, but having been exposed to the inside running of the Conference, I have renewed vision of how the church operates. And I return to my church with a renewed passion to serve my church and federation.”

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Pastor Kevon Barnaby, Youth Director of CJC addresses the youth leaders | Credits: Damian Chambers

Youth Director, Pastor Kevan Barnaby, mentioned that this arrangement was intended to give the youth first-hand knowledge of how leadership operates within the Church at the Conference level. Pastor Barnaby also mentioned that this experiment is expected to send a message to the church that we are in full support of our youth.

During the month of November each year, the local church leadership is asked to mentor the youths by allowing them to function in leadership positions of their local church for the entire month. This is one of few times that the Conference has participated in the activity.


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