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Online series trends on YouTube closely behind videos by popular secular artists and sports personalities

Published: 21-02-2018 |

Edited: February 25, 2018

The Live Streaming Video of Net 2018 was listed on YouTube’s Trending list for Jamaica at numbers 24 and 30 respectively, on two consecutive days Sunday, February 18 and Monday, February 19, 2018. Net 2018 is Central Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists’ online evangelistic series that is projected to run from February 18 to March 11, 2018.

According to the YouTube’s website, “Trending Videos are videos that have become popular because they were embedded in the web’s most popular websites and a significant number of people viewed the video externally in addition to on youtube.com.”

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Evangelist L. David Harris, Evangelist and Main Presenter for the Net2018 online series presenting on Monday Night of February 19, 2018 at the Portmore Seventh-day Adventist Church. | Credits: CJC

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L. David Harris of Message Magazine and Evangelist for the program, in a WhatsApp message sought to explain the implications of having Net2018 making it to the YouTube’s trending list. He said “God’s Word” was trending just behind “videos by the likes of well-known secular artists: Drake, Popcaan, Alkaline, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Khalid & Normani. Olympics sneak peek of Disney/Pixar’s movie, the Incredibles, Mark Angel’s Comedy episodes and popular talk-show host, Ellen DeGeneres’ interviews with NBA Basketball MVP, Steph Curry and his wife, Ayesha!”

“What does this mean, theoretically?” the Evangelist asked. “It means that God has positioned this evangelistic series in the arena where persons around the world MUST take note!”

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The group Osana Ministries leads out in the Praise and Worship session during Net 2018. | Credits: CJC

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Net 2018 is organized by the Central Jamaica Conference as both a Conference-wide and an online evangelistic program under the theme, “Links: Staying Connected to the Power of God”. The main site for the program is the Portmore Seventh-day Adventist Church situated at 7 Port Henderson Road, Portmore, St. Catherine. However, other churches across the Conference have set up downlink sites at which the program is viewed nightly.

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The congregation at the Linstead Church's downlink site. Twelve downlink sites have been registered for the Net 2018 program with an average attendance of between 30 and 70 each night. | Credits: Christopher Mighty

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So far there are 12 sites that have registered and reported an average attendance of between 30 and 70 persons each night. Besides this, persons have been sharing the programme’s live streaming link on their social media sites and WhatsApp groups.

The program is streamed live on the CJC’s YouTube and Facebook pages. On average, over 5,000 persons tune in to watch the program online on various platforms. 

Evangelist L. David Harris currently serves as Social Media Evangelist for Message Magazine. According to their website, Message is, “an award-winning, bi-monthly, 32-page religious journal that features uplifting interviews, thoughtful analysis of current events and the prophetic voice of spiritual leaders”. The Magazine has been in existence since 1898, when it was first published by James Edson White.

For more information on Net2018, please visit: Net2018.org

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