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CJC Pastors & Directors visit the Golden Age Hope and Missionaries of the Poor- Lords Place and Bethlehem Home.

Published: 22-10-2019 |

Tuesday, October 8, 2019 was not the typical Pastors meeting for the Cental Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (CJC). Instead a group of 80 Pastors and Directors travelled to the Golden Age Hope and Missionaries of the Poor- Lords Place and Bethlehem Home. 

The Administration and Ministerial Secretary believed this professional development activity was necessary to challenge the participants to personally and collectively model compassionate care at a higher level. 

The group led by Pastors Levi Johnson President, CJC and Daniel Pink, Ministerial Secretary CJC, were facilitated on tours the facilities by Mrs. Delfreda Cammoock-Thorpe, Operations Manager.

According to Pastor Levi Johnson, Christ Method Alone is the mantra of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.“It is a call on members to mingle with people, touching, showing compassion and then invite them to follow Jesus, said Johnson.

He continued, “We are the Jesus among people, and we should know how to touch people’s lives in a special way.”

The Pastors and Directors conducted devotional exercises and interacted with the residents and staff and counselled and prayed for residents.

The tour was complemented by a motivational charge on Compassionate Care by Dr Owen Roberts, Assistant to the President, Northern Caribbean University.

In his address Dr. Roberts highlighted the fact that Jesus was moved with compassion for others. So much so that in the process He restored the widows only son to life.

“Compassion and justice are interrelated.  Jesus by restoring life to the widow’s son also administer justice by giving back to the woman that which was taken from her, you are called to the same ministry,” said Roberts.

During the closing exercise a special Monetary contribution was presented by Conference President Levi Johnson to Rev. Bro. Louima Israel, Missionaries of the Poor and Mrs Cammock- Thorpe, Operations Manager respectively.

The relationship forged by the Central Conference with the institutions will result in similar opportunities for professional development in the future. 

Contributor to this Article, Deon Henry

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