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CJC Outreach Ministers Gear up for Action

Published: 31-01-2021 |

Central Jamaica, January 30, 2021 - Community Services leaders and church members throughout the Central Jamaica Conference (CJC) gathered virtually on Saturday evening, January 30, 2021, to experience the power of God through a recommitment and dedication service.

The customary devotional exercise to commence an Adventist event was embraced graciously by the people of God as they prepared to touch hearts and transform communities through acts of kindness. CJC's Director of Community Services, Pastor Everett Smith, told the leaders that there is no time for negativism. It is time to work for the Lord by showing kindness everywhere.

He further outlined various plans that the community services arm of the CJC looks forward to implementing this year. According to Pastor Smith, his team will target five select needy communities across the Conference. Among the initiatives to be executed are food package distribution, empowerment activities (especially for young people) back yard gardening, home repair, clothing distribution, and the feeding programme's continuation.

Meanwhile, Director of Community Services at the Jamaica Union Conference, Pastor Adrian Cotterell, charged the outreach ministers to dedicate their lives to touch hearts, transform communities, and transport kindness. He underscored the fact that kindness is more than helping people in need, "Kindness is not just giving a hand because sometimes we are willing to stretch a hand but the attitude we stretch the hand with, prevents the gift from being appreciated", he said.

Pastor Cotterell stated that there is a great need for the Church to be humble, kind, courteous, tenderhearted, and pitiful. "If the church follows Christ's method only, hundreds of precious souls would be added to the family of God", he continued. The Jamaica Union-based Director noted that it is always better to touch hearts than shake hands as he skillfully delivered the main message.

Another crucial step to achieving success was revealed to the leaders by encouraging the pursual of a connection between the community workers and residents, where the ministers would listen to the grief, sorrow, pain, and frustration of the people, and act accordingly.

An essential aspect of a recommitment and dedication service is the recitation of the litany. In the context of this event, a pledge was also administered. The ministry's leaders and workers vowed, by the grace of God, to mobilise their efforts to serve communities through kind-heartedness. As the prayer of consecration was offered by Pastor Dexter Dennis, hearts, hands, and feet were ready to propel the great Gospel of Jesus through numerous acts of generosity.

The CJC community services officers have willingly decided to touch hearts and transform communities through acts of kindness, following Christ's method of success by mingling with people, ministering to their needs, winning their confidence, and finally inviting them to follow Jesus.

The ministry plans to feed approximately 400 people per week in un-reached communities as they do their part to soften the field of souls for the upcoming evangelistic seminar.

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