CJC Launches “Praying in the Spirit and the Word” programme during Prayer Convention

Programme set to encourage members to pray according to the Bible

Published: 13-04-2018 |

During a Prayer Convention, held April 6-7, 2018 at Camp Verley, St. Catherine, Pastor Levi Johnson, President and Prayer Ministries Coordinator for Central Jamaica Conference (CJC) of Seventh-day Adventists launched, “Praying in the Spirit and the Word”. This programme will see a special Bible travel to each pastoral district in CJC over a one-year period to inspire reading of the word and united prayer.

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Pastor Levi Johnson, President (2nd right) and Prayer Coordinator for CJC gave instructions to the congregation and 3 members of the Kitson Town pastoral district (left) regarding how the Praying in the Spirit and the Word programme works. Pastor Nevail Barrett, Executive Secretary of CJC (right) did the prayer of commitment. | Credits: Damian Chambers, CJC

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According to Pastor Johnson, “once the Bible comes to your church/district, the prayer ministries team will read together a designated passage of Scripture (a selected prayer from the Bible) and pray according to the promises and commands found in the passage.” “The idea is to get our members to pray the Scripture”, says Pastor Johnson.

“Sometimes our prayers are not in tune with the Word”, he continued, as he shared with the over 1,000 persons who attended the Prayer Convention on Sabbath the 7th of April. “We want to line up our prayers with the word”, said Pastor Johnson.

Inspired by Follow the Bible
Pastor Johnson also stated that Praying in the Spirit and the Word programme was inspired by the Follow the Bible initiative by the General Conference in 2009/2010. According to the Ministry Magazine, The Follow the Bible initiative was launched to “to lift up the Bible as the Word of God, to highlight its relevance as being a message that addresses all people, all cultures, all times, and to encourage our people to spend quality time with the Bible” (Satelmajer, N. and Hucks II, W. 2009). During the programme one multi-language Bible traveled to all the countries of the world where members were encouraged to read the word of God regularly.

The difference is that “we are focusing on praying the word”, said Johnson. During the launch, Pastor Johnson gave the Bible to members of the Kitson Town pastoral district, signaling the start of the programme.

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Attendees to the Prayer Convention experiencing worship during the altar call. Over 1,000 persons attended the Convention over the weekend. Attendees testified that the programme was a great blessing to them spiritually. | Credits: Damian Chambers, CJC

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The programme will start at the Kitson Town district and ends with the Family of God district, April 13, 2019. The full listing and schedule are on the CJC website.

The Prayer Convention at Camp Verley, was held under the theme, “When we Pray”. During the divine service on Sabbath Morning, Guest Speaker, Pastor Peter Joseph, Executive Secretary for the South Bahamas Conference presented a sermon titled, “The God Situation”.

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Pastor Peter Joseph, Executive Secretary of the South Bahamas Conference and Guest Speaker at the Prayer Convention. The Prayer Convention was held at Camp Verley, St. Catherine, April 6-7, 2018 under the theme, "When We Pray". | Credits: Damian Chambers, CJC

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Pastor Joseph shared that sometimes we forget where God has brought us from. He mentioned that it is the “God situation” why we are here. The ‘God situation’, “refers to those situations we meet that only God can deliver us from” says Pastor Joseph.

Satelmajer, N. and Hucks II, W. (2009) “Follow the Bible: a journey to spiritual renewal”. Ministry Magazine. 81(1).

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