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CJC launches its first-ever 100% online evangelistic series

Published: 19-06-2020 |

Admittedly, some of you may be confused by today's headline because the Central Jamaica Conference (CJC) is no newcomer to the online ministry space. Moreover, the CJC has spearheaded successful evangelism online before, with its Conference-wide NET 2018 series and subsequent endeavours.

What Makes the Difference?

On Sunday, June 21, 2020, at 7 PM, the CJC will launch its first-ever Conference-wide, 100% online evangelistic series, which will run in three phases, with phase one beginning with Evangelist, Verol Dixon as the main speaker, under the theme, 'Christ is the Answer'. This series will continue the Fires of Hope initiative that was launched throughout CJC Church districts before the COVID-19 health crisis.

NET 2018 was a monumental blessing that continues to reverberate through the online and social media space; however, home base was the Portmore Seventh-day Adventist Church. Each night, persons from surrounding communities travelled to the Portmore Church to experience the Word of God. Further, the NET series was streamed into many of the churches in the CJC, for added coverage. And as you would note, from past CJC news, NET trended on YouTube.

The three-phase Fires of Hope series will, as we have said, have no local Church home as its base. The worldwide web will be the focal point, this time. We are prayerful that God will reach persons for Him in ways we could never have imagined during NET. There are millions of persons in Jamaica alone, who are looking for hope. Through this initiative, we are prayerful that God will move beyond church walls and buildings, into the lives and hearts of persons here in Jamaica and around the world, through tablets, smartphones, computers and smart TVs. The Administration, Directors, Pastors, workers and members of the CJC are praying for the Holy Spirit to pour out immeasurable blessings and hasten the coming of Jesus Christ. We have this hope, burning within our hearts, and know that God will continue to increase His blessings.

How You Can Help

It is simple! Please share the following link: www.WatchCJCLive.com, with as many people as possible. Be responsible and flood social media with creative invitations to watch. As you are sharing, please increase the power and reach of this initiative, by adding the following two hashtags to every post. This is critical! #firesofhope #iFollowJesus. Do not underestimate the leveraging power of these hashtags.

There will be many opportunities for interested persons to be contacted by dedicated Pastors and volunteers to receive special prayers, compassionate care needs, Bible study, baptism, and other encouragement. We will be sharing a digital contact card that will facilitate the process.

Stay Tuned

We will report again in the coming days and hear from our Administration, etc., to celebrate the goodness of God for providing the Holy Spirit, technology, and the desire to reach the entire world for Christ, beginning here in the Central Jamaica Conference region. The Fires of Hope still burn within our hearts as God leads His people to do wonders, in Jesus' name.

Remember! Share www.WatchCJCLive.com with as many persons as possible.



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