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CJC Health Ministries department partners with Adventist Laymen's Services Industry and the Indian High Commission in Jamaica to host Medical Camp in St. Catherine and Clarendon

Published: 25-02-2021 |

It was nearly a month ago that the Health Ministries Department of Central Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (CJC) partnered with the Indian High Commission of Jamaica and the Adventist Laymen's Industries (ASI) to host Medical Camps at the HS Walters Health Centre in Old Harbour, St. Catherine and the May Pen SDA Church in Clarendon. A total of 167 persons within CJC benefitted from this timely and relevant gesture, held January 31, 2021, to commemorate the 72nd-anniversary celebration of adopting the Constitution of India as a republic.

His Excellency Rungsung Masakui, High Commissioner of India to Jamaica, noted that these annual Constitution Day celebrations would occur outside of Jamaica, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, they had to be held locally.

"This year, we thought of doing something different and innovative that will bring benefit to the Jamaican community." He continued, "We appeal to our huge vibrant medical community of over 40 Indian doctors, pharmacists, pharmaceutical companies, and businesses who donated their time, talent, and resources and they all came forward happily," said His Excellency.

According to Executive Secretary, CJC, the partnership was an excellent one that falls beautifully within the CJC theme for the year 2021, "I Will Go: Reflecting Jesus to the World." "Jesus ministered to the health needs of the people of His time, the health needs of our people are great, and the resources are limited. Hence, Central Jamaica Conference says 'thank you' to the Indian High Commission and the team of medical professionals who have volunteered their time and service at the HS Walters Health Centre and the May Pen SDA Church," said Barrett.

Health Ministries Director, CJC, Deon Henry and ASI President Yvette Scott also expressed gratitude for the partnership while noting that they felt fortunate to have been chosen to take part in this initiative and will remain committed to the successful continuation of these medical camps of the Indian High Commission of Jamaica for subsequent years.

Click here to view video highlight of the two camps held in the Central Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

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