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CJC Family plunged into Mourning over Pastor’s Death

Published: 19-05-2017 |

Pastors, workers and members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Central Jamaica Conference are in mourning over the death of their colleague, friend and Pastor--Wilton Mckoy.

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Pastor Wilton Mckoy | Credits: File Photo

Pastor Wilton Mckoy, former Pastor of the Spaulding District of Churches, died on May 16, 2017, approximately 8 PM at the Hargreaves Memorial Hospital in Mandeville after developing complications following a surgery.

Pastor Mckoy, who joined CJC in 2014 from the North Jamaica Conference, was a committed, hard-working and faithful worker. So said Pastor Levi Johnson, President of CJC.

“It was totally a shock”, said Pastor Johnson. “I thought Mrs. Mckoy was joking when she told me of her husband’s passing. There were no warning signs.”

“We loved Pastor Mckoy”, Johnson continued. “He brought energy and passion into CJC. Our love, care and empathies go out to his dear wife Joan and children.”

Soon after the news of his death broke, the CJC Pastor’s WhatsApp group was flooded with expressions of shock, surprise and sympathies at Mckoy’s passing.

He died, leaving his wife Joan and daughters Kimoy and Keresha.

Details of his Thanksgiving Service will be posted as soon as it is available.

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