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CJC elects mix of young first-timers and experienced directors for 2022-2026

Published: 18-06-2022 |

Several young newcomers have joined experienced directors for the 2022-2026 quadrennium;  a signal that the Central Jamaica Conference (CJC) remains committed to mentoring and nurturing youth in leadership roles at every level.


In addition to newly elected treasurer Roxwel Lawrence, youthful first time directors include Kimarley Walker Medley, Pastor Dwayne Scott, Pastor Latoya Smythe Forbes and Pastor Wayne Smikle. They balance out the line up of more seasoned conference level leaders.


The directors and their assigned ministries are as follows:


Children and Adolescents; Women’s- Pastor Latoya Smythe-Forbes

Communication- Kimarley Walker Medley

Family- Pastor Horace Wilson

Health- Pastor Kemar Douglas

Ministerial Secretary; Assistant to the President in Evangelism- Pastor Kevan Barnaby

Public Affairs and Religious Liberty- Dr. Pastor Michael Harvey

Youth- Pastor Dwayne Scott

Stewardship- Pastor Wayne Smikle

Sabbath School and Personal Ministry- Pastor Barrington McLean


Directors for the Education and Publishing Ministries will be voted after the Jamaica Union and respective boards endorse recommendations for the roles.


During the devotional charge, Inter-American Division (IAD) VP AL Powell counselled those elected to serve to depend on God for direction.


“Don’t you believe that your skills and abilities are going to get you places. The Devil will set a trap for you and you’ll find yourself in a hole,” he said.


Powell quickly added that Jesus does not abandon us even when we dig ourselves into a trap but offers grace and redemption for the repentant.


In his final address at the session, CJC President Nevail Barrett ‘rallied the troops’ to press through the inevitable battles that will arise because the Lord Himself fights for us.


“The Lord has called us, He has given us the mandate to go forward and victory is already guaranteed,” he said.


He stated that the conference will have to work as a team to overcome anything that might hinder the work of the gospel.

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