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CJC appoints full slate of Directors and Ministry Coordinators for 2018-2022 quadrennium

Published: 28-06-2018 |

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Administrators of CJC during the last executive committee meeting (L-R): Pastor Billy Watson, Treasurer, Levi Johnson, President, Nevail Barrett, Executive Secretary and Mrs. Claudette Grant, Recording Secretary | Credits: Damian Chambers

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At its first meeting since the start of the new Quadrennium (2018-2022), the Central Jamaica Conference’s (CJC) Executive Committee voted to appoint Directors for Education, Publishing and Community Services along with other ministry Coordinators as follows:

  • Education Director – Dr. Clifton Knight
  • Publishing Director (Recommendation) – Everett Smith
  • Assistant Publishing Directors – Marjorie Edwards and Dexter Dennis Snr
  • Development Director – Billy Watson
  • Development Coordinator – Elethia Robinson
  • Community Services Director – Everett Smith
  • Associate Communication Director – Charles Bulgin
  • Prayer Ministries Coordinator – Ruth Walcott
  • Spirit of Prophecy Coordinator – Dr. Clifton Knight
  • Bible School Coordinator and Conference Evangelist – Delroy Ferguson
  • Music Coordinator – Kevan Barnaby
  • Men’s Ministries Coordinator – Dr. Clifton Knight
  • Trust Services Coordinator – Dr. Thomas Bryan
  • Auditor (Recommendation) – Linford Farquharson

The Publishing Director and Auditor (new) appointments will be reviewed and decided on by the Jamaica Union Executive Committee at its next sitting. All other appointments are with immediate effect. The meeting was held on June 27, 2018.

The appointment of an additional auditor is expected to ease the work load of the two auditors currently employed to CJC. The current ratio is one auditor to over 100 churches. The new appointment will reduce the ratio to 70+ churches to one auditor.

“This is the ratio of auditor to churches that is recommended by the Inter-American Division”, said Conference Treasurer, Pastor Billy Watson.

This is also the first time that CJC is appointing a separate Men’s Ministries Coordinator. Men’s ministry was previously merged with Family Ministries. According to Conference President, Pastor Levi Johnson, “we are deliberate about addressing the needs of our men; hence the appointment of a full-time Coordinator to this ministry.”

Family Ministries Director, Pastor Roy Dennis said he was happy for this move. “Men in Jamaica are the main victims and perpetrators of crime”, said Dennis, “therefore, a special ministry to them is very relevant and needed at this time.”

Profile of Dr. Clifton Knight

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Dr. Clifton Knight | Credits: File Photo

Dr. Clifton Knight is an ordained minister of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (since 1989) who has been working with CJC for over 35 years now. He has served as district pastor in St. Mary, St. Ann, Manchester (for 18 years) and Clarendon (where he served as pastor of the Toll Gate district since 2014). He also serves as Adjunct Professor in the School of Religion and Theology at Northern Caribbean University.

Dr. Knight completed his Doctor of Ministry Degree with the Inter-American Theological Seminary (IATS) in 2013. His dissertation was titled, “Single’s Ministry: An Urgent need at the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Mandeville Jamaica”.

Dr. Knight is a Justice of the Peace in the parish of Manchester. He is married to the former Sandra Anderson for 34 years, who is currently serving Northern Caribbean University as Counselling Psychologist. Together they have two adult married children, Orlando and Yolande.

Dr. Knight was recently appointed as Education Director and Men’s Ministries and Spirit of Prophecy Coordinator.

Profile of Ruth Walcott

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Ruth Walcott | Credits: File Photo

Mrs. Ruth Walcott has been working with CJC as Bible Worker since 1990. She has an Associate of Science degree in Religion and Theology from NCU. She has authored two books, “So you want to be a Successful Soul Winner?” and a devotional reading on the “Fruit of the Spirit”.  

She is married to Desmond Walcott, a farmer by profession, who also supports her in ministry. They have two adult children—Jolene and Jonesha.

Ruth Walcott was recently appointed as Prayer Ministries and Conservation Coordinator.

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