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CJC Administrative Professionals and Directors benefit from HR and IT Seminar

Published: 02-11-2016 |

To keep Administrative Professionals and Directors on the cutting edge of technology and professionalism in their areas of service, the Human Resource Management (HR) and Communication Department partnered to host a one-day seminar on Information Technology and Professionalism.

The seminar was held on Sunday, October 23, 2016 at the Conference board room starting from 9:30 am.

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Mrs. Lisa Marie-Samuels, Human Resources Manager, Jamaica Union Conference sharing with Administrative Professionals and Directors of CJC. | Credits: Damian Chambers

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Presentations made during the seminar included:
1. “The Ultimate Administrative Professional”, by Mrs. Lisa-Marie Samuels, HR Manager at Jamaica Union Conference;
2. “IT Security Best Practices for Employees” by Dr. Nicardo Rhoden, Chief Information Officer, Northern Caribbean University and
3. “Windows 10 and Office 365 basics” by Damian Chambers, Communications Director, CJC

The seminar was conducted on the heels of major computer and software upgrades that have been installed at the Conference Office since August 2016.

The Conference recently purchased new computers with the Windows 10 licenses along with the latest Office 365 suite for each Administrative Professional.

While addressing the gathering, Mrs. Lisa-Marie Samuels, said, “Customer service is not a Department, it is an attitude”. Mrs. Samuels encouraged those in attendance to always exude a positive and Christ-like attitude, even while faced with heavy workloads.

This point was endorsed by Pastor Ronnie Henry, CJCs Executive Secretary, who represented the Administration at the Seminar. Pastor Henry highlighted that when persons call in to seek information from us, it must not be viewed as an interruption, but an opportunity to serve.

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