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Adventist Hospital partners with Church and Government Agencies to conduct free Health and Information Fair in Spanish Town Community

Published: 02-12-2016 |

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Patrons wait in line for their turn to see the doctor. Over 100 persons were seen by the doctor for various services during Health and Information Fair | Credits: Shanon Pitkin, Clear Park

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As part of their quarterly outreach programme, the Adventist owned and operated Andrews Memorial Hospital (AMH) partnered with the Clear Park Seventh-day Adventist Church and other Government Agencies to conduct a free Health and Information Fair in the Gordon Pen Community of Spanish Town, St. Catherine that benefited over 100 persons.

The outreach begun with a worship service at the Clear Park Church on Saturday, November 12, 2016, that focused on the healing ministry of Jesus under the theme, “Transform and Live, Touching Hearts for Jesus”.

The entire service was conducted by staff of the Andrews Memorial Hospital, assisted by other Adventist Doctors and Health workers.
The Health and Information Fair was conducted on the following day, Sunday, November 13, 2016, starting from 8 am to 5 pm.

During this time four (4) doctors, other staff members from AMH, counsellors and representatives from the participating Government agencies saw over 100 persons for various services.

These included screening tests for blood sugar and pressure, doctors’ check-ups and prescription filling, eye tests and the distribution of reading glasses, ECG tests, and immunizations, HIV testing, dental services for children and adults, weight and height checks and blood group testing.
All tests were free of cost except Pap Smear and Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) tests, where 50% of the cost was absorbed by AMH.

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Persons register for various services during Health and Information Fair | Credits: Shanon Pitkin, Clear Park

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Vice President of Nursing Services at Andrews Memorial Hospital, Matron Carol Morgan shared that the group conducts a Health Impact once per quarter titled ‘AMH Health Emphasis Weekend’ in one of the five Seventh-day Adventist Conferences in Jamaica.

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Matron Carol Morgan converse with Dr. Ijah Thompson during Health Fair. Dr. Thompson was one of four doctors from Andrews Memorial Hospital who participated in the Health Fair | Credits: Shanon Pitkin, Clear Park

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She mentioned that for each quarter a community is selected to benefit from this impact, to ensure that their services are felt beyond the doors of AMH. The group comprise of workers from all departments of AMH, ranging from Doctors, Pastoral, Administration, Pharmacists, Customer Service Reps, Porters, Nurses, Lab Techs, House-keeping, Maintenance and Central Sterilizing and others.

Matron Morgan also said that work is done in collaboration with other agencies such as, the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA), Child Development Agency (CDA), Cancer Society and National Council on Drug Abuse (NCDA). All the services rendered are free of costs except for the PSA and Pap Smear tests, which AMH covers 50% of the costs and the patients cover the remainder.

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Nurses prepare prescription drugs for patients during Health and Information Fair. The pastor's vestry at the Clear Park Church was converted into a make-shift pharmacy during the day. | Credits: Shanon Pitkin, Clear Park

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For the outreach in Gordon Pen, all the above-mentioned agencies were present, in addition to the Registrar General Department (RGD), Heart Trust NTA, National Council for the Senior Citizens (NHF/JADEP), Ministry of Labour & Social Security (Path/NIS) and PN Health Food Distribution.
Presentations, questions and answers and giveaways sessions were conducted to entertain persons who waited for their tests to be done.

Counselling and prayer sessions were done by Pastor Robert Wright (AMH) and Mrs. Nelma Westcarr (Clear Park Church Prayer Coordinator) based upon requests.

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