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Adventist Health Professionals Association re-established during Hiram S. Walters Health Summit

Published: 27-07-2018 |

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Central Jamaica through its Health Ministries Department had the third staging of its annual Health Summit and Lecture Series in memory of the late Hiram S. Walters, the first President of CJC and highlights the services offered by the Adventist-owned and operated Health Center (H.S. Walters Health Center).

This summit was held on the on the weekend of July 21-22, 2018 at the Sydenham SDA Church in St. Catherine.

The summit started with a Worship Service on Sabbath, July 21, under the theme “Extending the Healing Ministry of Jesus.


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Pastor Damian Chambers, Health Ministries Director (CJC), speaking at the H.S. Walters Health Summit. | Credits: Volunteer

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“The reason Jesus’ approach to evangelism was so effective, is that He identified with and ministered to people’s felt needs, says Pastor Damian Chambers, Health Ministries Director, CJC.


He added, “We are to extend the healing ministry of Jesus, not only in helping to relieve the sick, but to give instructions in principles of healthy living.”


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Pastor Dudley Hosin, Health Ministries Director, (JAMU), speaking at the recently held H.S. Walters Health Summit. | Credits: Volunteer

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Meanwhile divine hour speaker, Pastor Dudley Hosin, Health Ministries Director, JAMU cautioned that Salvation and Health go together.


“Physical healing is bound up in the work of the gospel commission, therefore it is necessary to commit completely to living a healthy lifestyle so as to experience total transformation and use health ministry as an effective tool for outreach, ” he said.

During the service on Sabbath, special presentations were done on the following topics:
1. The Healing Power of Practicing a Healthy Lifestyle Part 1 & 2, by Dr. Michelle K-A Hamilton, Naturopathic Medical Doctor.
2. The Hand that Strengthens the Gospel by Pastor Francis West, Medical Missionary.

Mrs. Deon Henry Administrative Assistant, Health Ministry the Health Summit were timely and relevant.

“Through the summit we were reminded that despite our best efforts in terms of practicing the Laws of Health [healthy eating, increased physical activity, adequate rest & sunshine, moderation in all things and getting enough sleep], it is having a faith that is grounded in Jesus, that makes the difference. It is Jesus who does the Healing,” she said. An important part of healing is practicing a healthy lifestyle Part

The Adventist Health Professionals Association
A major highlight of the weekend’s program was the re-establishment of the Adventist Health Professionals Association – CJC chapter, first launched in 2012 Sunday 22, 2018.


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Members of the newly re-established Adventist Health Professionals Administration (L-R) Pastor Damian Chambers- Ex-officio, Pastor Dudley Hosin, Health Ministries (JAMU) , Mr. Walton Hanlan-Treasurer, Mr. Jermaine Nicholas-Ass. Treasurer, Ms. KerryAnn Henry-Ass. Public Relations Officer, Mrs. Irma Wilson-Public Relations Officer Mrs. Deon Henry-Secretary,Mrs. Kameel Abdul-Kareem- Ass. Secretary and Dr Noel McLennon- President. Ms. Yvonne Campbell-Vice President, was not included in this photo due to her absence. | Credits: Volunteer

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The objectives of this Association are in harmony with those of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and includes the following:

1. To foster and ensure a strong fraternal bond among a diverse group of Seventh-day Adventists, namely: Physicians, Nurses, Physiotherapist, Medical Technologists, Pharmacist, and their allied, Phlebotomist and other health workers and “friends of the Association” worldwide and to encourage and strengthen an attitude of loyalty among them towards Medical Missionary endeavors.
2. To advance worldwide health evangelism through education, promotion, evaluation, research and financial support

Members of the Association are as follows:

  • Dr Noel McLennon- President
  • Ms. Yvonne Campbell-Vice President
  • Mrs. Deon Henry-Secretary
  • Mrs. Kameel Adul-Kareem- Ass. Secretary
  • Mr. Walton Hanlan-Treasurer
  • Mr. Jermaine Nicholas-Ass. Treasurer
  • Mrs. Irma Wilson-Public Relations Officer
  • Ms. KerryAnn Henry-Ass. Public Relations Officer
  • Pastor Damian Chambers- Ex-officio.

Each member of the association are experienced health care professionals.

Free Back- to-School Health Clinic

On Sunday, July 22, 2018, the summit continued with a free Back- to- School Health Clinic


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Dr Noel McLennon attending to a child during the free back-to-school health clinic members held for members of the Sydenham community, Sunday July 22, 2018. | Credits: Volunteer

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According to Pastor Damian Chambers Health Ministries Director, CJC the HS Walters Health Summit is geared at meeting the needs of the community by extending the healing ministry of Jesus.

“It is customary to host a free clinic as part of the HS Walters Health summit to impact communities but this year we specifically focused back to school medicals, because it is summer, and most parents are looking to get this done for their children,” he said.

“That is what Jesus did he ministered to the need of the community and we want to do likewise as we look for a great need in the community and assist.” he said.

The Health Clinic, which was held at the H.S. Walters Health Center saw over 50 persons receiving medical attention by the three (3) doctors, volunteer nurses and medical missionaries that were present.

All attendees were treated to healthy a burger and juice after being attended to.


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