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Published: 22-12-2016 |

Ronnie (Pastor) and Patricia Henry, whose work for the Adventist church spans Jamaica and the Bahamas, were showered with expressions of love and appreciation by friends, family, co-workers and church leaders during a retirement dinner held in their honour by the Central Jamaica Conference (CJC) and the Inter-American Division Publishing Association (IADPA) at the Willowdene Group of Schools’ Auditorium in Spanish Town, St. Catherine on Tuesday, 20th December, 2016.

Pat and Ronnie (as they are affectionately called) will retire from active service to the IADPA Book Store and CJC respectively, with effect from the 1st January, 2017, after giving a combined total of seventy-seven (77) years of service to the Adventist church.

Pastor Henry made the announcement about his plans to retire during an Executive Committee Meeting held in July 2016.

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Pastor Everett Brown, president of the Jamaica Union Conference pays tribute to Ronnie and Pat Henry | Credits: Damian Chambers

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In paying tribute to the couple, Pastor Everett Brown, President of the Jamaica Union (JAMU) in a voice filled with emotions, stated - “Ronnie and Pat, we love you”. “We pay tribute to a Pastor, a manager, a counsellor, a motivator; a Christian gentleman”, Pastor Brown said about Pastor Henry. “I would also like to pay tribute to his dear wife”, he continued. “This evening the Jamaica Union Conference pays tribute to a mother, an ideal Pastor’s wife, a counsellor and a sister to the Pastors’ wives.”

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Pastor Levi Johnson, president of CJC and Billy Watson, treasurer pay tribute to their colleague administrator, Ronnie Henry. | Credits: Damian Chambers

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Pastor Levi Johnson, President of CJC, also expressed appreciation for the calm and dignified way in which Ronnie approached his work as an Administrator. Pastor Henry served the Conference as Executive Secretary for over 6 years.

The dinner saw over 200 persons in attendance, including workers of CJC and their spouses, representatives from Northern Caribbean University, Jamaica Union,  IADPA Books Stores, and the South Bahamas Conference.

Video tributes were presented on behalf of Dr. Leonard Johnson and Pastor Paul Scavella, Presidents of the Atlantic Caribbean Union and the South Bahamas Conference respectively.

Dr. Johnson expressed thanks to Pastor Henry for nurturing him during his early years in ministry, while Pastor Scavella reflected on the “dedicated and committed service” that Pastor Henry gave to the church in the Bahamas.

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Pastor Ronnie Henry (left) and his wife Patricia Henry listen attentively during appreciation dinner held in their honor. | Credits: Damian Chambers

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Pastor Henry and his wife are both Jamaicans, but met  for the first time in the Bahamas when Pastor Henry went there to work as an Accountant in the Conference Office in 1970.

They got married in 1974 and have two adult - children Ronesha and Ronnie, and seven grandchildren.

In their responses, Pat and Ronnie shared that they plan to use their retirement years to spend more time with family and God.

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