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A Special Message for International Men's Day 2020

Published: 19-11-2020 |

To All Pastors, Elders and Men’s Ministries Coordinators

Re: International Men’s Day – November 19, 2020

Happy International Men’s Day!

Today we celebrate International Men’s Day. We use this occasion to affirm and highlight the positive values men bring to the world. Men, you are strong stalwarts. As you take your stand as stalwarts in your home, school, church, work, community, and the society at large, exhibit a high standard of positive masculinity and integrity. In emulating these traits, your wives, children, and the younger men will see you as a role model and your community can say, I still believe in good men.

God has chosen you to leave an indelible mark in this world. The word “man” is full of so much meaning. To be a man means you are strong, courageous, diligent, noble, honest, loving, ambitious, and resilient, a cornerstone that provides a supportive network in all facets of life. There are times when you will be criticized, insulted, or belittled, but do not fight back. Instead, take the high road of caution, wisdom, discipline, and love. Do not park on the low road of pettiness, anger, indiscipline, and abuse.

Let the words of David be applicable to you today as you celebrate. “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful, but take delight in the law of the Lord; and meditate on it day and night” Psalm 1:1-2. I admonish you today, be that man.

May God grant you a peaceful and productive International Men’s Day.

Yours truly,
Dr Clifton Knight
Men's Ministries Coordinator

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