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A Child’s Prayer of Faith Inspires Generous Donation of Tablets to Needy Students

Published: 27-11-2020 |

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Ruth Walcott Prayer Ministries coordinator, and Pastor Kevan BarnabyYouth Ministries director, CJC shares a photo moment with some of the recipients of the tablets. The tablets were donated to assist with online learning. | Credits: Andrew Johnson

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Eleven-year-old Tatiana Brooks is a student at the Ramble primary school and a new believer at the Porus Seventh-day Adventist church in Manchester.

On November 14, 2020, during the New Believers Prayerthon, which was held on the Central Jamaica Conference’s (CJC) virtual prayer platform, she prayed that God would provide gadgets for those children who were unable to access the online classes.

Little did she know that her prayers for others would have been answered that same day.

According to Ruth Walcott, Prayer Ministries Coordinator (CJC) a lady who was on the platform at the time of the Prayerthon contacted her and shared her interest in fulfilling Tatiana’s request.

“I have never seen her before, however, she said that she has been on the prayer platform for a while and she was inspired by Tatiana’s prayer and wanted to purchase gadgets for these needy students,” said Ruth.

“The following day, the donor sent the money to the CJC’s treasury, and we were able to purchase 29 tablets,” she continued.

Students from all three parishes, including Adventists and non-Adventists, benefited from these donations and great care was taken in selecting these recipients to ensure that no need was overlooked, but Ruth says they are not yet done.

“The Prayer Ministries aim to provide 100 needy students with gadgets, and so we still have 71 to go, but we believe with prayer, God will make the impossible, possible, so we will keep praying,” said Ruth.

The CJC virtual prayer platform came into existence because of the COVID-19 pandemic which forced the Prayer Ministries to find innovative ways of ministering to the members in these times of hardship and uncertainties.

Ever since they began, God has been showering them with blessings, healing of mind and body, financial breakthroughs, persons surrendering to Christ and more.

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