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10 Most Impactful Moments in CJC

Published: 05-01-2018 |

“We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us, and His teaching in our past history." Ellen G. White

As we reflect on God’s leading in 2017, we invite you to journey with us, as we recount (what we believe) are the 10 of the Most impactful moments for mission in Central Jamaica Conference in 2017.

OSAY, Mission Trips

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OSAY Volunteers help to clean up Hellshire Beach | Credits: OSAY Volunteer Photographer

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1. Over 4,000 youths of Central Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists participated in OPERATION SAVE A YOUTH (OSAY) which was hosted in the parish of St. Catherine on Sunday, March 19, 2017.

The young people participated over 70 projects across various sections of the parish, including building and repairing houses, planting of trees, painting, street cleaning, cleaning of beaches, donating blood and caring for the elderly.

Additionally, a group of twelve young people including the Youth Director from the South-Eastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in the United States arrived participated in Operation Save a Youth (OSAY) 2017. While the SEC hosted 17 youths from Jamaica (most from CJC) to carry out outreach projects in their conference during 2017

Palmetto Gardens

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Outside view of the Palmetto Gardens Church submerged in water. Members said that 6 cars were on the outside of the church were all submerged. | Credits: Janet Elson, Palmers Cross Church

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On Sabbath, April 22, 2017, the Palmetto Gardens Community was flooded, included the Church. Owen Taylor and Junior Wilson had to take swift actions to rescue Mr. Henry Blair and his son from their flooded home next door to the church.
CJC Administration responded by visiting the affected area and distributed beds, clothes, food items and paid for clean-up of the church and some homes.

Annual Conventions

3. For 2017, CJC saw 9 Zonal Conventions across the 3 parishes with approximately 15,000 in attendance. This remains one of our most impactful event in the Conference. The Churches were engaged on subjects such as evangelism, stewardship, and youth empowerment.

Church Planting

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Members of the new congregation at Thompson Town, with Pastor's Dean Thompson and Nathaniel Golding | Credits: Andrew Johnson

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Though we did not meet our goal of establishing 5 Churches, through its evangelistic efforts, 3 churches/congregations were started in CJC:
• Thompson Town
• Yorke Street
• Ellen Street
We saw over 200 evangelistic programmes, including Lay Preach-a-Thon being affected that led to 2,500+ baptisms

Online Giving Facility

To provide a safe and convenient way for persons to return tithes, offerings and to give gifts to their local church and the conference, the Conference’s online giving website was launched in May 2017 at give.centralja.org.

Through this website, persons overseas and locally can use their Credit and Debit cards to make contributions to CJC or any local church.
So far, over J$3.5 Million dollars have been received through this website and 50+ persons have registered to use the system.

Operation Hulda’s Mission Trip

The Women’s Ministries Department of CJC partnered with Women from the Greater New York Conference to effect Health Clinics in 2 parishes, while also distributed millions of dollars’ worth of clothes and food items to persons in the community. One set of clothes and food items were given to the Women’s Centre in Spanish Town, St. Catherine

Singles Convention

The Family Ministries Department of CJC hosted the National Singles Convention that saw over 3000 singles attended at Camp Verley from all five Conferences in Jamaica.

Pastor Jeffery Brown, an Associate Ministerial Director of the GC was the Guest Speaker.

Financial Support for Christian Education Students/WHEEL, Hallelujah Week, Willowdene Week

CJC continues its strong support for Christian Education by offering scholarships and grants to needy students through its WHEEL programme.
For the first time in the history of the Conference, the Education Department staged the Willowdene Week, to highlight the work of Christian Education at the school.

Special Needs Ministry, Deaf, Ramp, Baptism, Training

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Two (2) of the persons from the Deaf Church who are baptized--Shanique Roach (left) and Nadine Peart-Thompson (right). Pastors Howard Grant (front) and Coneil Morgan (back) conducted the baptism. | Credits: Charmaine Bailey-Bloomfield, Portmore Church

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This was a big year for Special Needs Ministry in CJC.

Over 13 deaf persons were baptized (5 during a Tent Crusade conducted in Portmore by Dr. Merrick Walker and 4 during a week of revival by Pastor Coniel Morgan). Forty plus persons were trained in sign language and many churches have taken steps to retrofit their churches with facilities to support persons with special needs.

Camp Meeting and Lay Institute

We closed the year with a spirit-filled and inspiring Camp Meeting and Lay Institute that focused on Health and Health Evangelism. 300+ Campers registered while hundreds more attended the various services. Thousands of online viewers also tuned in to our live streaming of the events.

As we look forward to 2018, we continue to trust in God’s power and guidance as we seek to do His will and continue the mission.


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