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10,000 Souls Goal: CJC Gets Ready for Online Series

Published: 23-01-2021 |

Central Jamaica, January 23, 2021 - Adventists across the Central Jamaica Conference (CJC) have ably demonstrated that they are moving with Jesus to accomplish the Lord's mission for the Church. On Saturday evening, January 23, 2021, the CJC sounded the call for 1,000 passionate prayer ministers to intercede for the imminent, "All About Relationship" evangelistic series. 

The partnership was forged when the Conference's President, Pastor Levi Johnson, Dr Dolphy Cross, and CJC's Prayer Ministries Coordinator, Ruth Walcott, opted to call several prayer disciples to plead for approximately 10,000 souls that the Church in Central Jamaica aims to win by June 2021. It was apparent that the virtual meeting was more than a President's vision; it was a divinely inspired mandate.

The Conference's online prayer platform was officially lit as highlights of projects began to stream at the start of the meeting. It was a clear indication that we have come thus far by faith, but we can attain so much more. Following a timely devotional exercise, Dr Dolphy Cross promulgated the Word as he tried to insert the 'Missing Link'. "There must be a fundamental change in our approach; if we are going to make a fundamental change, we should look at what we were practising before, what we are accustomed to, and find that Missing Link", Dr Cross proclaimed. 

According to Dr Cross, God has opened our eyes to the Missing Link, "If we could humble ourselves before the Lord and be kind, courteous, tender-hearted, pitiful, and practice Christ's method of evangelism, then we would have found the Missing Link", he continued. Dr Errol Bryce was sure to charge the prayer ministers to take action; after recounting a personal experience, he expressed that God has given us a great message, and we were provided with all the spiritual blessings to share this message with men and women throughout the constituency, and by extension, the world. 

Unity is also a key element for success as we target un-reached communities through a partnership with Christ. Pastors and laity - church coordinators, prayer group leaders, and fellow members, joined forces to pray for the highly anticipated event's success. As Pastor Johnson skillfully fit his perspective into what was shared, he embraced the Missing Link by encouraging the brethren to pray earnestly. "Create a spiritual riot across the world to let the people know that a transformation is about to take place as a result of the initiative", Pastor Johnson said. 

Pastor added that inner life of prayer and an outward witness are additional elements to achieve success. As the final prayers were echoed, the brethren reached out fervently for spiritual fuel in the engine room. It was a transforming experience as church members gathered from various districts of churches across the CJC, to demonstrate their support for the soul winning plan. 

Adventists continue to reveal how committed they are to ministry as they seek to launch an attack on the kingdom of Satan for the souls of men. 

>>>Please Watch the Engagement Session Here<<<

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