Youth and Pathfinder

The responsibility of the Adventist Youth Department is to plan and implement programmes for the wholistic development of the youth throughout the Conference, to train and equip local church youth leaders to accomplish the mission of the church.


The department offers the youth training through workshops, seminars and retreats. It provides nurturing programmes such as Camporees, annual week of prayer, youth rallies, etc. The pathfinder, adventurer, master guide and senior youth programmes provide a wide cross-section of activities, which cater to the various age groups.


The Youth Department has seen the following programmes accomplished: Federation rallies and installation services, conference and district workshops, pathfinder/adventurer induction services, master guide training programmes in progress, senior youth training programme in progress, camp officers training programme in progress, youth advisory and central executive planning meeting, West Indies Union Master Guide Camporee training sessions, Adventurers leaders’ retreat, drill & craft workshop in St. Catherine.



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Kevan Barnaby

Director of Youth and Music Ministries
(876) 527-4520

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Alethea Brown-Wellington

Administrative Professional
(876) 527- 4468