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Operation Save a Youth

Operation Save a Youth otherwise known as OSAY, started approximately five (5) years ago. OSAY was the brain child of a youth, Kamara Dixon, who served the Manchester Adventist Youth Federation, a non-profit organization which supports Adventist Youth across Manchester. Kamara had a burning desire to reach out from merely a federation's standpoint,  to the youth of the parish of Manchester, which would now include non-Adventists. Under the leadership of past president, Ann Nash, the framework was put together and the program Operation Save A Youth was born.

The program was initially funded by special offerings and other contributions of as little as $10 from dedicated youth. The Program grew bountifully, but there was a drive and the passion to wanting to reach more persons.

Finally, in the year 2015, under the leadership of former Youth Director, Pastor Greg Baldeo, OSAY was adopted as a Central Jamaica Conference wide initiative (Manchester, Clarendon, St. Catherine), which would now increase the reach and impact of the program. The first staging of the program was held February 22, 2015 in the parish of Manchester pulling approximately 2500 young  people from mainly across  the three parishes.

Now an annual initiative, youth gather at a strategic location  for devotions and instructions, then are dispersed at various locations across the parish.  Projects include: cleaning of the streets, market and other areas, building and repairing homes, schools, beautification projects, catering to the needs of the elderly and others.

Apart from the youth who came to show their support, the CJC President and his administrators spend the day with the youth toiling assiduously on a yearly basis.

OSAY is touching lives right directly across Central Jamaica and indirectly to the wider Jamaican population. The project has now taken on the issuing of scholarships to both Non-Adventist and Adventist Youth. Youth continue to be empowered to save lives through Operation Save A Youth. 



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