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I Want to Live Healthy

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The Central Jamaica Conference’s Health Ministries Department is joining with the Jamaica Union and the Inter-American Division to launch the program, “I want to Live Healthy”, to promote a healthy lifestyle among its members. It is an 8-week adventure towards forming healthier habits, where the members of the churches are invited to start one healthy habit each week.





WEEK 1 – January 14 – 20


Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration. Water helps to maintain kidney and bladder health and it helps to reduce your risk of blood clots developing which reduces your risk of strokes and sudden death caused by clots in the lungs.

WEEK 2 – January 21 – 27

Positive Attitude

When making changes, attitude is important! This week, you will be positive about changes and how they affect your life.

WEEK 3 – January 28 – February 3

Eating Salad

Studies have shown that fresh vegetables and fruits are full of thousands of phytochemicals which help to prevent cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses. So, start your meals with a bowl of salad.

WEEK 4 – February 4 – 10


Exercise is the most important habit to improve overall health. It will help you feel good and can help prevent and reverse diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and cancer. Exercise will improve your mood, strengthen your muscles and bones, and reduce stress.

WEEK 5 – February 11 – 17


Rest allows the body to be renewed and strengthens the immune system, contributing to the healing of wounds, infection, and other illnesses. It can add years to your life. Most adults require 7-8 hours of sleep daily. Children need 9 hours.

WEEK 6 – February 18 – 24

Fasting and Temperance

There are certain foods that we like to eat that are no healthy for us. Many of these foods cause allergies and diseases. When we stop eating them, our health will improve. This week you will need a lot of self-control—a skill needed to develop and establish healthy habits.

WEEK 7 – February 25 – March 3

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Most people ignore the importance of breakfast and leave home without eating in the morning. This week, we will encourage you to eat like a king for breakfast, like a prince for lunch and like a pauper for dinner.

WEEK 8 – March 4 – 10

Happiness and Trust in God

Being happy is a choice you can make. This week I will be a happy Christian, trusting in God for all my needs. Proverbs 3:5, 6


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Damian Chambers

Former Director of Communications, Health Ministries and Assistant to the President for Church Growth
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I Want to Live Healthy