From the Heart Almanac

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People are at the heart of relationships. Whether before, in, during or after the pandemic -"It all about relationship!"

Since March 20, 2021, the Central Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (CJC) has been more intentional about people relationships.

CJC has been providing meaningful family and health seminars to create healthy relationships in an unhealthy world.

"From the Heart" brings to you daily practical tips to enrich quality relationships from CJC in partnership with Dagenham Eagles (UK).

The intent is to enable you to care enough about others and yourself to find creative ways to make your relationships work.

The Church in Central Jamaica is still on the move and will continue to reach the world and transform lives with the Gospel of Jesus.

This kindness calendar will serve as a legacy and pillar of daily encouragement to promote care, concern, compassionate service brand, positive behaviours, and values.

"It's all about relationship", from the heart!