Church Resuscitation Programme

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The Church Resuscitation Initiative (CRI), is a model for growing weak churches in selected Pastoral Districts (PD,) by assigning Lay Ministers/Ministerial Graduates to provide leadership for at least six months.

The church is led by a dedicated and qualified lay minister who serve without remuneration under the direction of the District Pastor and or the Conference CRI Coordinator .
"The disciples of Christ are His representatives upon the earth, and God designs that they shall be scattered all over the country. In the towns, cities and villages, as lights amidst the darkness of the world " Test Vol.8 p244

When Jesus began His Public Ministry he said, The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me. Lk 4:18.

Let us pray for this experience NOW!

To establish each church in Central Jamaica Conference as a healthy growing church.

Our goal
To identify and set in operation, over the next four years, strategies to helpĀ at least 48 weak churches within the Conference to be established as a healthy congregation.