Special Programs

Operation Save a Youth

Operation Save a Youth otherwise known as OSAY, started approximately five (5) years ago. OSAY was the brain child of a youth, Kamara Dixon, who served the Manchester Adventist Youth Federation, a non-profit organization which supports Adventist Youth across Manchester. Kamara had a burning desire to reach out from merely a federation's standpoint, to the youth of the parish of Manchester, which would now include non-Adventists. Under the leadership of past president, Ann Nash, the framework was put together and the program Operation Save A Youth was born.

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I Want to Live Healthy

The Central Jamaica Conference’s Health Ministries Department is joining with the Jamaica Union and the Inter-American Division to launch the program, “I want to Live Healthy”, to promote a healthy lifestyle among its members. It is an 8-week adventure towards forming healthier habits, where the members of the churches are invited to start one healthy habit each week.

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Net 2018

Why I Believe Social Media Challenge