Special Programs

Mission Project 2019

Mission Project 2019 is an initiative of the General Conference to impact Jamaica through a major evangelistic thrust to culminate February 2019. As part of the preparation, Central Jamaica Conference is encouraged to effect at least one hundred and thirty (130) sustainable outreach projects, especially in the areas of health evangelism

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Praying in the Spirit and in the Word

Programme by the Prayer Ministries Department of CJC to inspire deeper devotion.

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Community Transformation Program

Recreational Football League

OSAY Helpline

OSAY helpline is a program organized by the Youth Ministries Department of Central Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists to provide young people who are faced with depression and various challenges access to confidential and professional counseling.

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Operation Save a Youth

Operation Save a Youth otherwise known as OSAY, started approximately five (5) years ago. OSAY was the brain child of a youth, Kamara Dixon, who served the Manchester Adventist Youth Federation, a non-profit organization which supports Adventist Youth across Manchester. Kamara had a burning desire to reach out from merely a federation's standpoint, to the youth of the parish of Manchester, which would now include non-Adventists. Under the leadership of past president, Ann Nash, the framework was put together and the program Operation Save A Youth was born.

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